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The future is electric. It's faster, cheaper, more convenient, leiser, and let's be honest. . . It's just way more fun! 

We feel obliged and 
are fully committed to lead the transition to sustainable solutions through passion and innovation. We are driven by our belief, consciousness, leadership, inspiration, and integrity. 

We are first-handedly pushing the status quo by means of education and support of anyone who is interested in what lies ahead, in where we are all going. For us, sustainability is more than a hype. 


We are changing the perception of electric cars and the eco system around them. We are educators and ambassadors of a sustainable and exciting lifestyle.

We support you in jumping into your new adventure of awesomeness with no doubts, fears or misunderstandings. Trust us – it's going to be incredible!


We will move old rocks, cross wild rivers and climb our Swiss mountains to get rid of outdated thought patterns. We help you recalibrate your brain and be open to what lies ahead. We'll go at what ever pace is right for you, from your first baby steps to loudicrous speed.  

We are here to consult you in transitioning from those retro fossil energy habits to a sustainable, renewable energy based lifestyle. But don't worry, we won't ask you to go vegan.*

"Can we get a Watt Watt"? 

*Unless you want to! We are a vegan friendly community.


Electric Now started out in 2019 to provide diverse and sustainable solutions for your road ahead. We focus on education and sales for end consumers as well as consultancy and coaching for businesses. 

Our team combines over 28 years of automotive experience in various fields, such as sales, operations, marketing, recruitment, coaching, strategy, and technology. And electric cars have been part of our lives for longer than we care to count. Makes us feel borderline vintage.

Our mission is to help you bring about a renewable energy future, starting today. This is what drives us since the beginning, and we look forward to having you on board for this journey, together. Now.

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Open, honest, transparent, understanding, careful, fair, simple, curious, modest, sustainable and innovative. This is how we live and work. 

Whatever we do and whoever we deal with, there's one thing we always want to establish: a long lasting and strong relationship.


Our philosophy? Feed your inner child and let your curiosity run free!


How about going for a spin?


Whether you have a simple query or a million questions, want to exchange your thoughts, comments, concerns about the future we are working for and the exciting road ahead, or you just want to hang out and say hello .... 

Shoot us an e-mail or connect with us on social media. 

See you on the flipside!